torsdag, november 30, 2006

The Canary Sect

He encontrado esto en un blog de descargas de música. No voy a deciros en cual porque no sé si el grupo está de acuerdo o no en que la gente se baje el disco sin pagar. Una cosa es piratear a los poderosos y otra muy distinta ratear a los modestos. Compraos el disco, no? :)

Formado por amantes del rhythm & blues y del beat,...

...los Canary Sect combinan a los Who, los Downliners Sect o Small Faces con el blues y el soul americano más clásico (Howlin Wolf, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker...). Han grabado en los estudios de Jorge Doctor Explosion y este es su primer disco. Pero no son novatos, el grupo lo forman ex-Negativos, ex-Les Cactus, ex-Born Losers, y ex Walkinsons

The Canary Sect "Shake It, But Don't Break It" 2006

Here's a brandnew band from Spain that will surely let the mods dance and the rockers roll. When Manuel Navarro and Pablo Jimenez decided to form the CANRAY SECT in Barcelona in the spring of 2003 to keep the spirit of truly authentic rhythm'n'blues alive, they never thought that this band would soon become the hottest beat sensation Europe has to offer these days. The CANARY SECT combine the essences of traditional UK mid-sixties r'n'b, made famous by bands like the WHO, the DOWNLINER SECT, the SMALL FACES, the PRETTY THINGS and the BIRDS and the classic US soul and blues brilliance of legends like Howlin' Wolf, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker and come up with a whole set of hip-shakin' beat monsters, recorded and produced at Circo Perrotti studios in Gijon by the 'wizzard of fuzz', Jorge 'Dr.Explosion' Munoz, which can all be found on their debut-album 'Shake it, but don't break it'. Driven by the wailin' harmonica of singer Manuel Navarro, the five-piece that consists of (ex)-members of some of the finest spanish garage-bands of the past 20 years, such as LOS NEGATIVOS, LES CACTUS, the BORN LOSERS and LOS WALKYSONS will be seen in action at an all-nighter near you shortly. Just listen to their incredibe version of the old YARDBIRDS raver 'Stroll on' and the stompin' beat of the furious title track 'Shake it, but don't break it' and you know what we're talking about. It will make you shiver, like it did when we first heard it. from Soundflat:

The Canary Sect son:
Manolo Navarro (voz y harmónica), Pau Loewe (guitarra solista), Alfredo Calonge (guitarra rítmica), Pablo Jiménez (bajo), Francesc Gosalves (batería)

1. Nasty Girl with a big mouth 2.Frank the engineer 3.Stroll on 4.You'll get over it 5.Shake it but don't break it 6.Hot water town 7.I wish 8.Tell me what I need 9.I'm rowed out 10.Barbara Ann 11.I want you back 12.See me in action 13.Bad Time

in a comment Luk said:
Hi RYP, I want to send you "The Canary Sect - Shake It, But Don't Break It", it's a new band from Barcelona and the play 60's-Gararage-R&B in the wave of Dowliners Sect, Crawdaddys, Pretty Things, etc ...
I hope you like it. Thanks for your blog, is always very good music.
Cheers Luk

YEAH, Luk, the BEAT goes on! Thanks o lot for this sect from Barcelona!

3 kommentarer:

Anonymous Tutti sa...

Esa siluete de la derecha me recuerda a alguien y no se a quien...¿Seguro que es Alfredo?

fredag, 01 december, 2006  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

No hay manera.

el Walkyson Viejo

fredag, 01 december, 2006  
Anonymous roi sa...

El disco es muy bueno, doy fe! Y ya que estamos, la banda de Pau, Born Losers se sale, y ademas toca Manoliño, el guitarra de los Phantom keys.


fredag, 01 december, 2006  

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